David Cass ‘Surface’ April 27 2016

'Surface', an exhibition of new work by David Cass has just opened at Gayfield Creative in Edinburgh, with profits going towards the creation of an informative public exhibition Cass has been working on slated to take place in Florence this coming November.

Created using non-traditional methods and painted on unconventional surfaces, these repetitive, layered artworks are unified by their exclusive depiction of water.

Bodies of water that Cass has surveyed whilst travelling: the Atlantic from Cádiz, the Adriatic from Dalmatia, the Mediterranean from Liguria. Many too, are abstracted visions of the English Channel ('Mor breizh') - the strip of water the artist must cross to reach France, Belgium, Spain and Italy - where he sources the materials and supports upon which he works. From Paris’ plethora of antique shops to Brussels’ frequent flea-markets, Cass sources every-day items (wooden, metal, and paper planes) suitable to be brought back to his studio and transformed into the foundation of each artwork.

Cass gathers ordinary objects that speak of function and familiarity: tabletops, drawer bases, trunk lids, roadsigns, books & papers. Aged items and objects that describe a lifetime of use in their worn grains – a kind of repetition that is mirrored in Cass’ mark-making and obsessive documentation of a singular subject.

'Surface' runs until 3rd May 2016 at Gayfield Creative, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh. Find out more

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