An exhibition in Bergen April 16 2015

We're just about to head off to Bergen for a few days for the opening of a new exhibition of work from long time St Jude's collaborator Alex Malcolmson.

In Møte over Nordsjøen (Meeting over the North Sea) Alex will be exhibiting a new series of box works and birds alongside the work of Shetland based painter Ruth Brownlee and Bergen based sculptor John Audun Hauge.

You can view a range of the work that Alex will be exhibiting or find out more about Ruth Brownlee's paintings.

The exhibition runs from 18th April until 10th May 2015 at Galleri Allmenningen, Bergen, Norway.


Compass Rose Alex Malcolmson


Vega Alex Malcolmson


Ship Spirit Alex Malcolmson


Hail Showers approaching Spiggie Ruth Brownlee


Grey Sky Clearing, West Yell Ruth Brownlee