More from Emily Sutton November 12 2015

Emily Sutton's current exhibition at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh (until 25th November 2015) has now sold out, but further works will be available from our friends at Godfrey & Watt in Harrogate as part of their Christmas 2015 exhibition featuring work from artists including Mark Hearld, Terry Shone, Brita Granstrom, Angie Lewin and Mick Manning.

Here are some of the latest watercolours and drawings that Emily will be exhibiting in Harrogate. 

You might also like to see Emily's fabrics for St Jude's.


Verdure Veneziane - Watercolour (28 x 40cm)


Fondamenta S.Caterina - Watercolour (31 x 46cm)


Fortuny's Studio, Venice - Pencil (48 x 33cm)


Fondamenta Dicadonici - Watercolour (31 x 46cm)


Finferli E Porcini - Watercolour (28 x 40cm)


Castagne,Venice - Watercolour (28 x 40cm)