This Time Last Year October 02 2013

I realise this is akin to copying someone's homework but I'd been trying to put a few words down about Ultramarine's latest album - the first in fifteen years - when I came across this review by Kevin Pearce over at Caught By The River...

"Elements of This Time Last Year will seem familiar, but they are stripped down, taken apart, manipulated and put back together in pleasantly surprising ways. Fans of Ultramarine will welcome the presence of skittering jazzy beats, the itchy funk, the dub daze, the Brazilian traits, the fusion flourishes, burbling and percolating electronics, and so on. But what is very apparent with this record is the underlying acoustic warmth, like the gentle guitar motifs chopped up and treated and stirred back into the mix in such a seductive way. The LP as a whole is such a curiously attractive blend of the ancient and modern, in sound and technique, it is almost impossible to really pin down."

Couldn't have put it better. Read Kevin's review in full.

The album's artwork has been designed by illustration/print studio Heretic who have recently worked with the Sonic Cathedral label, Tim Burgess, Andrew Weatherall’s Asphodells project and The Quietus. We're delighted Heretic and Ultramarine will be contributing to the next issue of journal Random Spectacular - sign up to our newsletter for details.

You can also purchase a copy of Heretic's limited edition poster marking the release of the album.