Sarah Kenchington August 28 2013

Spent some time today looking at, listening to and playing Sarah Kenchington's Wind Pipes for Edinburgh installation which was commissioned for the 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival. 

This elaborate work is created from over 100 decommissioned organ pipes, assembled from salvage yards and eBay, powered by six large bellows.

The installation can be found in Trinity Apse, just off the High Street. This originally formed part of Trinity College Kirk which was demolished in 1848 to make room for Waverley Station. It was intended that the entire kirk would be rebuilt from carefully numbered pieces of masonry, but ultimately just one transept and the choir were rebuilt on the current site, renamed Trinity Apse.

You can visit Wind Pipes for Edinburgh until the end of Sunday 1st September 2013. Find out more from the Edinburgh Art Festival website or view further photographs over at our Facebook page.