Wind Pipes for Edinburgh August 19 2013

We're looking forward to visiting this installation/event at this year's Edinburgh Art Festival.

Sarah Kenchington builds her mechanical instruments from discarded materials. Bicycle spokes, typewriters, the inner tubes of tractor tyres are combined to create unique musical machines which emit a discordant array of moans, squeaks and chimes. Kenchington’s work offers a contemporary manifestation of a long history of the artist giving birth to machines (from Leonardo da Vinci, through to Heath Robinson, Tinguely and Michael Landy), yet Kenchington’s machines are anything but automata, remaining fundamentally dependent on an interaction with the human to come to life.

Wind Pipes for Edinburgh is her most ambitious construction to date, created from over 100 decommissioned organ pipes, assembled from salvage yards and eBay. Kenchington’s instruments depend for their creation and playing on significant physical labour, and Wind Pipes is no exception, requiring at least 6 willing bodies to man the bellows.

The event runs until 1st September 2013 - visit the Edinburgh Art Festival website for more details.