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A Printmaker’s Journey February 26 2017

Posted by Angie Lewin

I'm delighted to share news of a forthcoming exhibition that I have curated for Hampshire Cultural Trust, A Printmaker's Journey, which opens in Winchester on Saturday 11th March and then tours Hampshire until early November 2017.

A Printmaker's Journey includes work selected from a wide range of disciplines and periods which will lead the visitor through the inspirations and affinities which have influenced my journey as a printmaker and designer. Paintings, textiles, prints, posters and ceramics by artists and designers including Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Mark Hearld, Alan Reynolds, Emily Sutton and Paul Morrison will be displayed alongside work from various stages of my career.

I'll be at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre on and off throughout the opening day, Saturday 11th March. I hope that you might be able to visit. Find out more

For those of you further afield, over the next few months I'll share details of some of the works selected and their significance to me. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

A Printmaker's Journey runs from 11 March – 30 April 2017 at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre then tours until early November 2017. Find out more


Angie Lewin 'Sollas Sands' linocut, 2015


Edward Bawden 'The Road to Thaxted' linocut, 1956


Lizzie Farey 'Almost Spring' woven willow, 2017
(photograph by Shannon Tofts)


Eric Ravilious King Edward VIII Coronation Mug, 1937 (originally designed in 1936)


Angie Lewin 'Festival Mug' lithograph


Emily Sutton 'Olive Cook's Settle' watercolour, 2013


Edward Bawden 'Church and Dove' wallpaper, 1925

Katy Hackney September 22 2016

We're delighted that jeweller Katy Hackney is taking part in our current Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park which runs until the end of October 2016.

For the exhibition Katy has created a limited edition of ten box wood pendants, each individually decorated and numbered.

Born in Dundee and now based in London, Katy Hackney received a BA at Edinburgh College of Art and a MA at the Royal College of Art, London. Continues below...


Hackney’s practice is driven by the materials she’s excited by. Materials she uses include woods, plastics, precious and non-precious metals, found objects, paint, formica and enamel. Her current influences include vintage toys and folk art.

Her work can be seen in the permanent collections of the London Crafts Council, Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, and the Ulster Museum, National Museum of Northern Ireland.

We took the opportunity to find our a little more about Katy's work and current activities...

Can you tell us how to came to designing wearable works of art?

When I left the RCA I set up in business and designed and made more commercial production silver jewellery which sold well but it was tedious work.

Then I discovered cellulose acetate which spectacle frames are made from, began to experiment with it, and my work became larger and more colourful and I became interested in finding other materials to use, such as wood, Formica, other found plastics… colour! Continues below...


You also teach at Central St Martins; how does this impact on the type of work you create?

I don’t notice that it does, something must seeping in?

It does keep me up to date with what is going on the jewellery world as we have a great programme of lectures.

I enjoy passing on knowledge and working with students from all over the world, and working with an amazing team.

What are your major influences?

Everyday things, I often get an idea from something I see in the street on my journey to college or on holiday or trips abroad.

I use my Instagram account as my visual diary, I often go back to it and print out photos of textures, colour combinations, shapes.

Working on lots of other things also feeds in to my work.

I love old toys and objects with a 'story' showing in their wear and tear - doors, tiles, tools and peeling paint.

What is a typical day for you?

My days are fairly varied. As well as teaching I work with knitwear designer Jo Gordon as colour consultant, helping to design her collections each year.

I also work as a picture researcher for costume in film, a job I started a few years ago and love. It definitely informs my work and I am learning something new all of the time.

Most recently I was the costume researcher on Suffragette and I’m working on other projects that are in production.

What is your preferred material of use?

At the moment it's wood.

You use an incredible array of materials, how do you decide which to use in a project?

I have boxes of bits that I gather along the way from all over and I work in a 'collage' sort of way with lots of pieces on my work table. I’ll move these around and arrange, cut then rearrange until I get something I like.

It gets really messy and I have to have a big clear up then I begin all over again! Continues below...


You work as a colour advisor to Jo Gordon Knitwear; how does this impact on your work?

It definitely does as we do research on different ways and I end up looking at textiles which I didn't really before.

The costume research really influences and helps in both jewellery and design work for Jo. I'm currently researching clothing in 1950 to 60s for a job. The colours and patterns of dresses then were amazing. This will all feed into my brain and re-emerge somehow in my jewellery!

What is your favourite colour?


What can you see from your studio today?

Usually it my neighbour’s wall!

But today from my balcony in Barcelona I can see a narrow street filled with little balconies covered in colourful washing, a man delivering a cooker and a tiny barking dog having a pee.

What single tool would you consider essential to your work?

My jeweller’s saw and my camera (usually on my phone).

What are you working on now and what is coming up next?

The staff of St. Martins are having a show COUNTERCURRENT in Arthur Beales, Yacht Chandlers in Shaftesbury Avenue. My response to the shop was to collect, borrow and steal Nautical themed jewellery and fill a little cabinet with it, we installed in amongst the shops stock... I'm also researching for a costume project. Teaching will begin in October and so will working with Jo.

Editions & Objects at Yorkshire Sculpture Park continues until Sunday 30th October 2016. Find out more about the exhibition or take a look at all the available works online including Katy Hackney's box wood pendant.

Portrait photography by Jenny Lewis.



Local Heroes August 11 2016

If you're visiting Edinburgh during August and are flying in or out of the airport, do look out for the Local Heroes pop-up exhibition and shop.

Curated by Dr Stacey Hunter, the project's nine designers were asked to ‘reimagine the souvenir’ and produce a unique travel-themed design object. Running from 1–31 August 2016 in partnership with Creative Edinburgh and Creative Dundee it celebrates Scotland’s contemporary designers who embrace colour, pattern and innovative techniques and materials.

The designers involved in the project include our friends Karen Mabon and Tom Pigeon (Karen is also taking part in our current Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park).

Speaking ahead of the opening of the exhibition curator and Local Heroes Director Dr Stacey Hunter said:

“For many passengers Local Heroes will be their first impression of Scotland and will also form part of a fond farewell. Design is one of the most accessible expressions of 21st century creativity and I’m so excited that we can present a snapshot of Scotland’s colourful and confident design scene at such a unique location. We are surrounded by designers working on the most amazing projects - they trade, collaborate and work internationally. So where is it? Why can’t we see it?! I wanted to produce an ambitious project that showed Scottish design through the lens I looked through. It was also important to me to show Scottish designers that they are noticed and appreciated - and that’s where the name Local Heroes came from.”

Find out more about the Local Heroes project via their websiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Local Heroes pop-up exhibition and shop at Edinburgh Airport (photo: Ross Fraser McLean / StudioRoRo)


Designer Karen Mabon (photo: Future Positive Studio)


Karen Mabon's umbrella/sunshade (photo: Stuart McClay Photography)


Karen Mabon working in the studio (photo: Future Positive Studio)


Tom Pigeon's neckpiece (photo: Stuart McClay Photography)


Tom Pigeon's studio (photo: Future Positive Studio)


Gabriella Marcella's Tropical beach towels


Gabriella Marcella in the studio (photo: Future Positive Studio)


The Local Heroes pop-up exhibition and shop at Edinburgh Airport (photo: Ross Fraser McLean / StudioRoRo)

Mark Hearld’s Platters July 28 2016

Further to our post about Mark Hearld's now sold out slipcast pigeons for our Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we're pleased to share details of the platters Mark has also produced.

The 38cm diameter platters are individually decorated using cobalt manganese and copper stains, each one slipcast in Stoke-On-Trent and inspired by mid-20th Century English Delft ceramics. Priced at £395.00 each, the platters are available from Yorkshire Sculpture Park - further details via their website or by telephoning 01924 832631.

Cockerel 1 _JJW4903

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Cockerel One

Cockerel 1 Reverse _JJW4904

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Cockerel One (reverse)


Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Crow

Crow Reverse_JJW4890

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Crow (reverse)

Owl 1 _JJW4892

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl One

Owl 1 Reverse _JJW4893

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl One (reverse)

Doe _JJW4911

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Doe

Doe Reverse _JJW4912

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Doe (reverse)

Hoopoe 1 _JJW4895

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe One

Hoopoe 1 Reverse _JJW4894

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe One (reverse)

Song Thrush _JJW4909

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Song Thrush

Song Thrush Reverse _JJW4910

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Song Thrush (reverse)

Owl 2 _JJW4896

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl Two

Owl 2 Reverse _JJW4897

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl Two (reverse)

Hoopoe 2 _JJW4913

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe Two

Hoopoe 2 Reverse _JJW4914

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe Two (reverse)

Many thanks to Jonty Wilde for photographing these slipcast platters.


Mark Hearld’s Pigeons July 25 2016

As part of our Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (which runs until the end of October 2016) Mark Hearld has produced a small edition of ceramic pigeons especially for the event.

The pigeons have been modelled by Mark using clay and then slipcast at the Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent. Mark has then used a mixture of glazes, oxides and stains to decorate each piece, all of which take inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s pigeon paintings.

At the time of writing, a small number of these uniquely decorated pieces are available. /// UPDATE: All of Mark Hearld's pigeons have now sold - sign up for our e-mail newsletter for news of future ceramic works from Mark ///


Mark Hearld's Blue/Ochre Slipware Pigeon (view one)


Mark Hearld's Blue/Ochre Slipcast Pigeon (view two)


Mark Hearld's Black/Duck Egg Blue Slipcast Pigeon (view one)


Mark Hearld's Black/Duck Egg Blue Slipcast Pigeon (view two)


Mark Hearld's Blue/Peach Slipcast Pigeon (view one)


Mark Hearld's Blue/Peach Slipcast Pigeon (view two)


Mark Hearld's Black/White with Red Ring Slipcast Pigeon (view one)


Mark Hearld's Black/White with Red Ring Slipcast Pigeon (view two)


Mark Hearld's White/Blue Slipcast Pigeon (view one)


Mark Hearld's White/Blue Slipcast Pigeon (view two)

Many thanks to Jonty Wilde for photographing these slipcast pigeons.

Katy Hackney July 14 2016

We're delighted that jeweller Katy Hackney is exhibiting as part of our current Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park which runs until the end of October.

Working with the theme of editions and multiples, many of the contributing artists have created new works specifically for the exhibition.

Katy has produced ten of these 'Splash' hand painted boxwood pendants for the exhibition, each individually numbered and boxed.

Born in Dundee and now based in London, Katy Hackney received a BA at Edinburgh College of Art and a MA at the Royal College of Art, London. Her work can be seen in the permanent collections of the London Crafts Council, Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, and the Ulster Museum, National Museum of Northern Ireland.

Find out more about this limited edition pendant via the YSP website.






Many thanks to YSP's Marie for modelling one of Katy's pendants. All photographs copyright Jonty Wilde.

All Creatures… July 09 2016

Mark Hearld has curated a new exhibition at Scarborough Art Gallery entitled 'All Creatures...' for which he has selected specimens of taxidermy from the Scarborough Collections.

Mark shared some of the details of this new exhibition with us...

"It has been a delight to take Scarborough's fantastic natural history collection out of the stores and display it afresh  - a Galápagos tortoise and an egg from the extinct Great Auk are among many scientifically significant specimens. I took great pleasure in displaying a pair of mute swans and a group coughs restored and remounted for the exhibition by York taxidermist David Astley against aquamarine painted walls in the gallery. The exhibition is collage of forms in space and beauty in nature."

Mark has also created three new works of his own for the exhibition and these collages (of Grey Plovers, a Peregrine Falcon and a Herring gull) will become part of Scarborough Museum Trust's collection. and you'll have a chance to see Mark's largest linocut yet.

Mark takes inspiration from his wonder at the natural world, with animals and plants at the heart of his work. His work encompasses a range of different artistic forms including limited edition prints, unique paintings, collages, hand-painted ceramics. He also designs a range of fabrics and wallpaper for St Jude's.

Scarborough Museums Trust collections manager Jennifer Dunne explains...

"Mark’s work is known and admired around the world, so we’re delighted to have three new images of his as part of the Collections. His view on our taxidermy specimens is unique – visitors to the gallery will see them in a way they’ve never been seen before.”

The exhibition runs at Scarborough Art Gallery until 25th September 2016. Find out more from the Scarborough Museums Trust website.








Interrobang May 09 2016

Interrobang: an international showcase of letterpress print forms part of Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft's The Village of Type programme.

Selected by a panel of typographers and designers, this open submission exhibition forms part of Ditchling’s popular Artists’ Open House trail and takes place in the beautiful former studios of painter Sir Frank Brangwyn. The exhibition features the work of contemporary letterpress artists from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

We're delighted to have been involved in this project and have produced a Random Spectacular journal dedicated to the event.

The diversity of the exhibition is reflected with an example of work by each of the contributing artists alongside additional articles that take a look at the idiosyncratic approach to typography of Ditchling's printing press St Dominic's. We also talk to Alan Kitching about his work and inspirations and find out more about the activities of the Occasional Print Club, whilst The Counter Press look at the role and relevance of the recent revival in letterpress and Anthony Burrill takes us on a tour of a printing works in a hidden corner of Rye. Take a look inside Interrobang.

The exhibition continues at Jointure Studios (just down the road from Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft) until 30th May 2016. Find out more.

Our Random Spectacular journal, Interrobang, is now available to purchase online via our St Jude's Prints online gallery.




Dynamo Works 'House'


The Print Project 'Shapednoise / Blood Music / Joanne / Boe&Lx poster for Golden Cabinet'


Dafi Kühne 'Januarloch'



Geri McCormick 'Viva'


The front cover of our Random Spectacular journal, featuring an interrobang printed by Thomas Mayo.


Our feature on the work of Alan Kitching Find out more.


Our look at the idiosyncratic approach to typography of Ditchling's printing press St Dominic's Find out more.