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A Printmaker’s Journey February 26 2017

Posted by Angie Lewin

I'm delighted to share news of a forthcoming exhibition that I have curated for Hampshire Cultural Trust, A Printmaker's Journey, which opens in Winchester on Saturday 11th March and then tours Hampshire until early November 2017.

A Printmaker's Journey includes work selected from a wide range of disciplines and periods which will lead the visitor through the inspirations and affinities which have influenced my journey as a printmaker and designer. Paintings, textiles, prints, posters and ceramics by artists and designers including Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Mark Hearld, Alan Reynolds, Emily Sutton and Paul Morrison will be displayed alongside work from various stages of my career.

I'll be at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre on and off throughout the opening day, Saturday 11th March. I hope that you might be able to visit. Find out more

For those of you further afield, over the next few months I'll share details of some of the works selected and their significance to me. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

A Printmaker's Journey runs from 11 March – 30 April 2017 at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre then tours until early November 2017. Find out more


Angie Lewin 'Sollas Sands' linocut, 2015


Edward Bawden 'The Road to Thaxted' linocut, 1956


Lizzie Farey 'Almost Spring' woven willow, 2017
(photograph by Shannon Tofts)


Eric Ravilious King Edward VIII Coronation Mug, 1937 (originally designed in 1936)


Angie Lewin 'Festival Mug' lithograph


Emily Sutton 'Olive Cook's Settle' watercolour, 2013


Edward Bawden 'Church and Dove' wallpaper, 1925

Barnett Freedman January 19 2017

Posted by Angie Lewin

I'm currently curating an exhibition which will open at Winchester Discovery Centre on Saturday 11th March 2017. A Printmaker's Journey will then tour Hampshire until the end of November.

The exhibition will include work selected from a wide range of disciplines and periods which have in some way influenced my work as a printmaker and designer. Paintings, textiles, prints, posters and ceramics by artists and designers including Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Alan Reynolds and Paul Morrison will be displayed alongside examples of my own work.

Full details of the exhibition will be announced soon - do subscribe to my newsletter if you'd like to find out more.

I'll be including two works by artist and illustrator Barnett Freedman, a contemporary of Bawden and Ravilious.

Over at Spitalfields Life, author David Buckman takes a look at the work of this prolific artist and illustrator...

"Barnett Freedman is among my top candidates for a blue plaque, as one of the most distinguished British artists to emerge from the East End. There was a 2006 campaign to get him one in at 25 Stanhope St, off the Euston Rd, where he lived early in his career, but English Heritage rejected him, along with four others as of “insufficient stature or historical significance” – an unjust decision exposed by the Camden New Journal. The artist and Camden resident David Gentleman was one among many who supported the plaque, writing “He was a very good and original artist whose work deserves to be remembered. He influenced me in the sense of his meticulous workmanship. He was a real master of it.” Read David Buckman's article in full


A portrait of Barnett Freedman


Advertisement for Shell, 1951.


Barnett Freedman’s ‘Claudia’ typeface.


Lithographs for ‘Oliver Twist,’ published by the Heritage Press in New York, 1939.

Barnett Freedman works courtesy Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University

All Creatures… July 09 2016

Mark Hearld has curated a new exhibition at Scarborough Art Gallery entitled 'All Creatures...' for which he has selected specimens of taxidermy from the Scarborough Collections.

Mark shared some of the details of this new exhibition with us...

"It has been a delight to take Scarborough's fantastic natural history collection out of the stores and display it afresh  - a Galápagos tortoise and an egg from the extinct Great Auk are among many scientifically significant specimens. I took great pleasure in displaying a pair of mute swans and a group coughs restored and remounted for the exhibition by York taxidermist David Astley against aquamarine painted walls in the gallery. The exhibition is collage of forms in space and beauty in nature."

Mark has also created three new works of his own for the exhibition and these collages (of Grey Plovers, a Peregrine Falcon and a Herring gull) will become part of Scarborough Museum Trust's collection. and you'll have a chance to see Mark's largest linocut yet.

Mark takes inspiration from his wonder at the natural world, with animals and plants at the heart of his work. His work encompasses a range of different artistic forms including limited edition prints, unique paintings, collages, hand-painted ceramics. He also designs a range of fabrics and wallpaper for St Jude's.

Scarborough Museums Trust collections manager Jennifer Dunne explains...

"Mark’s work is known and admired around the world, so we’re delighted to have three new images of his as part of the Collections. His view on our taxidermy specimens is unique – visitors to the gallery will see them in a way they’ve never been seen before.”

The exhibition runs at Scarborough Art Gallery until 25th September 2016. Find out more from the Scarborough Museums Trust website.








Parallel//Paysage April 01 2016

Parallel//Paysage is an exhibition of new work by Rachel Duckhouse and Bronwen Sleigh. In October 2014 they travelled to Quebec City for an exchange exhibition between Glasgow Print Studio and Engramme. While there they undertook a research trip travelling through Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland funded by the Bet Low Trust. This latest exhibition presents the divergent responses of these two artists to their shared experience of the same landscapes through printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

Parallel//Paysage runs from 9th April to 1st May 2016 at Glasgow Print Studio. You can find out more about Bronwen and Rachel's collaboration via their blog Multiple//Parallel.

Bronwen Sleigh

A detail from one of Bronwen's etchings

Bronwen Sleigh

Bronwen editions a new lithograph print

Rachel Duckhouse

A detail from Rachel's pen and ink drawing 'Saguenay ii'

Bronwen SleighOne of Bronwen's etching plates

Rachel Duckhouse

Rachel inks up her 'Black Wood' linocut

Rachel Duckhouse

Rachel's 'Black Wood' linocut and 'White Wood' pen and ink drawing

Rachel Duckhouse

Pages from one of Rachel's sketchbook

BE / ONE February 20 2016

I've been meaning to post something about our friends at Caught By The River's latest audio release on their Rivertones label for a few days. What's been delaying my post is thinking about a way of explaining just how good it is.

I'm still trying to work that out, but as it seems to be (justifiably) selling extremely quickly (the first vinyl edition has sold out) I wanted to get this posted before it sells out completely.

It's the first long player on the Rivertones label and is the soundtrack to Wolfgang Buttress' award winning pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. The Hive is an immersive, multi-sensory experience inspired by groundbreaking UK scientific research into the health of bees and the audio release is a hypnotic conceptualisation of their life, work and living environment. The musicians involved in the project improvised in the key of C, playing along to a live feed of sounds from the a beehive.

A series of live performances are underway. Luke Turner has just reviewed the Nottingham debut of the Be collective's performance...

"It’s a genuinely immersive experience, as cosy as if we are in the hive itself. Indeed, there’s an old-fashioned wicker hive on stage, just in front of the keyboards. Although bees communicate by vibration, amplified recordings of their activities are audible to the human ear, and the sound of tooting queens and their subjects’ waggle-dancing hums in and out of droning melodica, Tibetan singing bowls, accordion, cello, guitar and occasional vocals." Read in full

There's not much more than I say other than do what you can to get a copy of the CD or vinyl release before it's too late.

This summer the installation will come to Kew Gardens. Find out more



Jonny Hannah’s Main Street December 30 2015

If you've yet to visit, we'd recommend you head up/down/across to Jonny Hannah's Main Street exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park which runs until 28th February 2016.

Jonny has transformed the YSP Visitor Centre, creating three pop-up shops made entirely from his 2D and 3D artworks.

The exhibition – a tribute to high streets of the past, lined with independent retailers stocking an assortment of curiosities – features a collection of new linocuts, screenprints, and paintings. Incorporating strong colours and typography, and inspired by Hannah’s love of jazz music, the works are reminiscent of 1940s shop signs and concert posters. The exhibition also features Heavy Wool Products Come to McVouty’s – a limited edition screenprint printed at The Penfold Press in Selby, created exclusively for YSP – together with a small hand-painted and printed edition of unique wooden ukuleles. View a selection of the works exhibited

Find out more via the YSP website - you might also like to take this expert's guide to the exhibition or book a ticket for The Darktown Valentine's Cabaret.

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP

Jonny Hannah at YSP December 22 2015

Here's a great little film featuring Jonny Hannah talking about his current exhibition Main Street at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The exhibition features three pop-up shops made entirely from the artist’s 2D and 3D artworks, all of which are available to buy. Navigate Main Street using Hannah’s traditional hand-painted signs suspended above the YSP Centre concourse; natter with the owner of the Record Store; and nip to The Hand and Heart junk shop to pick up anything your heart desires!

You'll even spy Jonny's wallpaper for St Jude's, The Darktown Billets-Doux.

The exhibition runs until the end of February 2016 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4LG. Find out more

Edward Bawden at Christmas December 20 2015

Edward Bawden worked with London luxury provisions store Fortnum & Mason for a number years either side of World War II, designing many catalogues, menu cards, brochures and other ephemera.

Bawden's work for the store was captured in Mainstone Press' wonderful Entertaining À La Carte. Unfortunately this limited edition book sold out some time ago but copies can still be found online from time to time.

Here are a few seasonal images of Bawden's work for Fortnum & Mason.

Edward Bawden for Fortnum and Mason

Edward Bawden for Fortnum and Mason

Edward Bawden for Fortnum and Mason

Edward Bawden for Fortnum and Mason

Edward Bawden for Fortnum and Mason