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A Printmaker’s Journey February 26 2017

Posted by Angie Lewin

I'm delighted to share news of a forthcoming exhibition that I have curated for Hampshire Cultural Trust, A Printmaker's Journey, which opens in Winchester on Saturday 11th March and then tours Hampshire until early November 2017.

A Printmaker's Journey includes work selected from a wide range of disciplines and periods which will lead the visitor through the inspirations and affinities which have influenced my journey as a printmaker and designer. Paintings, textiles, prints, posters and ceramics by artists and designers including Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Mark Hearld, Alan Reynolds, Emily Sutton and Paul Morrison will be displayed alongside work from various stages of my career.

I'll be at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre on and off throughout the opening day, Saturday 11th March. I hope that you might be able to visit. Find out more

For those of you further afield, over the next few months I'll share details of some of the works selected and their significance to me. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

A Printmaker's Journey runs from 11 March – 30 April 2017 at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre then tours until early November 2017. Find out more


Angie Lewin 'Sollas Sands' linocut, 2015


Edward Bawden 'The Road to Thaxted' linocut, 1956


Lizzie Farey 'Almost Spring' woven willow, 2017
(photograph by Shannon Tofts)


Eric Ravilious King Edward VIII Coronation Mug, 1937 (originally designed in 1936)


Angie Lewin 'Festival Mug' lithograph


Emily Sutton 'Olive Cook's Settle' watercolour, 2013


Edward Bawden 'Church and Dove' wallpaper, 1925

Mark Hearld in Edinburgh September 23 2016

Opening in Edinburgh on the 5th of October is Collage, Pigeons and Platters, Mark Hearld’s first solo exhibition of new work following his critically acclaimed curated exhibition The Lumber Room: Unimagined Treasures which opened the recently refurbished York Art Gallery in 2015.

The exhibition continues to explore his love of the British countryside, a recent trip to Shetland and Orkney and his continuing curiosity for objects with a magpie approach to collecting in this new collection of collages, limited edition prints and hand-painted ceramics.

Talking of his collages, Mark explains…

“Collage as an approach is at the core of my work. It enables me to pull together a whole range of surfaces and textures to dynamic effect. It is inherently abstract; each bird silhouette is also a cut out piece of paper and the paper profile is very important to the overall effect.”

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the chance to see a selection of Mark’s fabrics and wallpapers for St Jude’s.

The digital catalogue for the exhibition can be viewed online now.

Collage, Pigeons and Platters runs from 5th-29th October 2016 at The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street. Edinburgh EH3 6HZ.

We're currently working on a Random Spectacular journal dedicated to Mark's The Lumber Room: Unimagined Treasures exhibition in York. To find out more nearer to publication, subscribe to our St Jude's Prints newsletter.


The Shetland Times, 2016, mixed media with collage on paper, 56 x 75 cms


Grey Partridge, mixed media with collage on paper, 40 x 40 cms


Mark Hearld working in the studio


The Shetland Ewe, 2016, mixed media with collage on paper, 56 x 75 cms


Heron, 2016, mixed media with collage on paper, 56 x 75 cms


Flight Platter, hand-painted ceramic, D:38 cms

Clive Hicks-Jenkins September 11 2016

Artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins is currently exhibiting a series of new works at the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff.

Perhaps best know as a painter, Clive has recently been creating a series of limited edition screen prints, working with Dan Bugg of The Penfold Press.

The duo are currently working on a series of prints based on the theme of Gawain and the Green Knight, which was vividly translated for the 21st century by Simon Armitage.

The exhibition features the prints created to date alongside paintings and drawings.

Looking at 'The Green Knight Arrives' author James Russell explains...

"Clive looks beyond the poetry to explore the character and cultural implications of Gawain’s nemesis, in an intense portrait of mingled power and vulnerability. The upper body of the Green Knight fills the frame, his statuesque head and massive arm suggesting the might of an ancient god – but in a sensitive pose reminiscent of Rodin. That flowing beard hints at the graphic gravitas of a playing card king; look again and it is a river flowing through a tattooed forest. Our 21st century Green Knight is a modern primitive, whose identity is etched into his skin."

We were delighted that Clive contributed a series of illustrations to our second Random Spectacular journal and we're currently working on an expanded version of his interpretation of the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale which we will publish in November. Sign up for our Random Spectacular newsletter for details of this.

We'll also exhibit a selection of Clive's prints, in association with The Penfold Press, at our next St Jude's In The City exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in November.

Gawain and The Green Night: Clive Hicks-Jenkins and The Penfold Press continues until 1st October 2016 at Martin Tinney Gallery, 18 St Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff, CF10 3DD. Find out more


'The Green Knight's Head Lives' by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Gouache and pencil on board, 55cm x 55cm


'The Green Knight Arrives' by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Screenprint, 55cm x 55cm

Original works by Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton August 04 2016

As part of our Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park we have included a selection of original works by artists Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton which we're pleased to share below.

If you'd like to discuss the purchase of any of these framed originals, please contact Yorkshire Sculpture Park by telephone on 01924 832631.


Mark Hearld 'Swan Flight' original collage
Paper size: 75 x 56cm Framed size: 92 x 72cm £950.00 (see photographs below for framing style)


Emily Sutton 'Comptoir de la Gastronomie, Paris' original ink and watercolour
Paper size: 48 x 38cm Framed size: 65 x 56cm £725.00


Mark Hearld 'Hooded Crow, Hadrian's Villa' original collage
Paper size: 75 x 56cm Framed size: 92 x 72cm £950.00 (photographed here in situ at YSP)


Mark Hearld 'Le Meridiana Wild Boar' original collage
Paper size: 75 x 56cm Framed size: 92 x 72cm £950.00 (photographed here in situ at YSP)


Emily Sutton 'La Chapellerie, Paris' original watercolour
Paper size: 48 x 38cm Framed size: 65 x 56cm £725.00

Mark Hearld’s Platters July 28 2016

Further to our post about Mark Hearld's now sold out slipcast pigeons for our Editions & Objects exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we're pleased to share details of the platters Mark has also produced.

The 38cm diameter platters are individually decorated using cobalt manganese and copper stains, each one slipcast in Stoke-On-Trent and inspired by mid-20th Century English Delft ceramics. Priced at £395.00 each, the platters are available from Yorkshire Sculpture Park - further details via their website or by telephoning 01924 832631.

Cockerel 1 _JJW4903

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Cockerel One

Cockerel 1 Reverse _JJW4904

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Cockerel One (reverse)


Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Crow

Crow Reverse_JJW4890

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Crow (reverse)

Owl 1 _JJW4892

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl One

Owl 1 Reverse _JJW4893

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl One (reverse)

Doe _JJW4911

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Doe

Doe Reverse _JJW4912

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Doe (reverse)

Hoopoe 1 _JJW4895

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe One

Hoopoe 1 Reverse _JJW4894

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe One (reverse)

Song Thrush _JJW4909

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Song Thrush

Song Thrush Reverse _JJW4910

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Song Thrush (reverse)

Owl 2 _JJW4896

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl Two

Owl 2 Reverse _JJW4897

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Owl Two (reverse)

Hoopoe 2 _JJW4913

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe Two

Hoopoe 2 Reverse _JJW4914

Mark Hearld slipcast platter - Hoopoe Two (reverse)

Many thanks to Jonty Wilde for photographing these slipcast platters.


Recent watercolours July 22 2016

I'm pleased to share details of some recent watercolours, the latest original works created in my studio.

In addition to two paintings currently being exhibited in Edinburgh as part of The Scottish Gallery's Flora Depicta exhibition, the three new watercolours shown below will feature in Off The Wall, an exhibition in London at The Bankside Gallery which opens on 29th July featuring the work of members of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and the Royal Watercolour Society. I was delighted to be elected to the latter earlier this year. Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about these three new watercolours, please contact The Bankside Gallery on 020 7928 7521.


Striped Cups with Spring Flowers (watercolour)


Striped Cups with Spring Flowers (watercolour - detail)


Tuscan and Umbrian Seedheads, La Cavière (watercolour)


Tuscan and Umbrian Seedheads, La Cavière (watercolour - detail)


New Town Cup with Feathers and Seedheads (watercolour)


New Town Cup with Feathers and Seedheads (watercolour - detail)

Flora Depicta July 09 2016

I'm currently exhibiting as part of Flora Depicta, a celebration of botanical art at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, which features work from twenty artists working across a variety of mediums.

And I'm honoured that a room in the gallery has been dedicated to my work, featuring a selection of botanically inspired prints plus two new watercolours, Wooden Dish with Uist Pebbles and Ramsons with Thistle Pot. These are the first paintings I've exhibited since election to the Royal Watercolour Society.

The exhibition will run from 6th July until 30th July at The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ. The catalogue can be viewed online.


'Wooden Dish with Uist Pebbles' watercolour


'Wooden Dish with Uist Pebbles' watercolour (detail)


'Ramsons with Thistle Pot' watercolour


'Ramsons with Thistle Pot' watercolour (detail)


A view of part of the room of my work at The Scottish Gallery with a sculptural work by Andrea Geile.


'Island Summer' screen print


'Sollas Sands' linocut

David Cass ‘Surface’ April 27 2016

'Surface', an exhibition of new work by David Cass has just opened at Gayfield Creative in Edinburgh, with profits going towards the creation of an informative public exhibition Cass has been working on slated to take place in Florence this coming November.

Created using non-traditional methods and painted on unconventional surfaces, these repetitive, layered artworks are unified by their exclusive depiction of water.

Bodies of water that Cass has surveyed whilst travelling: the Atlantic from Cádiz, the Adriatic from Dalmatia, the Mediterranean from Liguria. Many too, are abstracted visions of the English Channel ('Mor breizh') - the strip of water the artist must cross to reach France, Belgium, Spain and Italy - where he sources the materials and supports upon which he works. From Paris’ plethora of antique shops to Brussels’ frequent flea-markets, Cass sources every-day items (wooden, metal, and paper planes) suitable to be brought back to his studio and transformed into the foundation of each artwork.

Cass gathers ordinary objects that speak of function and familiarity: tabletops, drawer bases, trunk lids, roadsigns, books & papers. Aged items and objects that describe a lifetime of use in their worn grains – a kind of repetition that is mirrored in Cass’ mark-making and obsessive documentation of a singular subject.

'Surface' runs until 3rd May 2016 at Gayfield Creative, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh. Find out more

David CassDavid Cass David Cass David Cass David Cass