Inspired by the success of our previous St Jude’s In The City exhibitions in London, in the future we will exhibiting work by many of the artists we collaborate with at events across the UK. 

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Airs, Rees and Ballads

Dates: 1-29 November 2017

Venue: The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

We look forward to returning to The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh for a follow-up to our previous 'Ten Printmakers' exhibition. Curated by St Jude's and The Scottish Gallery, Airs, Reels and Ballads features the work of 19 painters, printmakers and makers:

Clive Bowen, Christopher Brown, David Cass, Jonathan Christie, Amy Dennis, Lizzie Farey, Andrea Geile, Jonathan Gibbs, Peter and Linda Green, Jonny Hannah, Mark Hearld, Joe Hogan, Michael Kirkman, Ed Kluz, Angie Lewin, Michael McVeigh, Charles Shearer, Terry Shone and Emily Sutton.

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