Ed Kluz

Ed Kluz is fascinated by the objects of our cultural heritage. He seeks out the eccentric, the lost and the overlooked. Follies, curiosities, vanished buildings and folklore inspire artworks which explore themes of renewal and reinvention.

As an artist and designer he embraces all forms of image making, from printmaking and textile design to book illustration and painting. Growing up in the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales surrounded by the landscape of the past, his early imagination was captured by the ruins of great abbeys and castles, fuelling an interest in English Romanticism which remains at the core of his work.

Kluz’s explorations take him to the sites of long demolished country houses, along forgotten back streets, and into the vaults of our nation’s archives. For, although he has his eye fondly focussed on the past, his feet are firmly in the present.

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